Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


Poor planning was the reason for missing a free concert with Mark Schultz and not seeing my children yesterday evening. Today March 24th the adventure continues, may I ask Lord how are you going to use these new challenges. I just know these are intended to help me grow in many ways including faith. News regarding an auto insurance increase is never welcome regardless of reason. All along in spite of everything I have faced up until now I am still standing thanks to my Savior. Lord did I mention that I want to surrender to you. I am nothing without you Lord I want to sing and repeat the words to you of Chris Tomlin’s Song “White Flag”:

We raise our white flag

We Surrender all to You

All for You

We raise our white flag

The war is over

Love has come

Your love has won”

To one of my friends and mentors:” If you are reading this I apologize for possibly ruining your weekend. I needed to listen to this song a few more times before calling.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3Q5CxQ24bA


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