Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


Running can be a very lonely sport. That is why is great for those of us seeking for solitude. I often use running for a time of mental unwinding. It helps me to think and clear my mind. Over the years running has been very therapeutic for me. I often zone out and relax. I don’t have many regrets however I wish I had not stopped liking myself so much before my separation. I began to hate myself and let myself go. I stopped running, eating right and caring for the way I looked. That did not make matters any better. I am glad I put all that behind me. I am a much better person today. I am actually also in better shape. Almost 3 years after my separation I was ready to make a change back to my normal self. Within 9 months I lost 74 pounds and went from being a Type 2 Diabetic back to normal. Now for the last three years I have helped many to lose weight. Some have lost anywhere from 54 pounds to 25 pounds. If this story helps you or a friend leave a comment, suggestion or simply forward it to a friend.


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