Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


IMG_20130609_211020.jpg                                                     IMG_20130609_210933.jpg

While on one of  his favorite runs towards the Sandbar he picked up an almost-perfect hand size sea shell. He found it right along the beach walking/running path. There where a lot of folks collecting sea shells and frolicking in the area. After further inspection he realized that it had a couple of  holes, and blemishes where there were once barnacles attached. Most people would have returned it or left it simply because it was not a keeper; not perfect!  Can you just imagine… if our Lord did that with us! See the lot of us are mostly broken vessels. The great thing about our Lord is that he accepts us just  as we are; with all our faults, imperfections. He say’s, “come as you are.” Why don’t you go to him today and simply talk to him. I think He would love to hear from you today!


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