Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely

Running Chronicles

Last Monday after a Sunday run that went flawlessly his left calf muscle got tight on a short beach run of less than 3 miles.  For the rest of the week his cardiovascular exercise was via spin bike or stair-master. So it was time today to venture to do yet another Sand Bar run. By the end of the first half tightness was coming back. Recognizing we all have troubles, battle scars or crosses to bear he moved on. After walking a few meters he continued to run on for about another  1.5 miles. Finally, he lost the battle to the tight calf muscle. The good news is that sometimes we take what we can get. It is better to complete approximately 4.5 miles rather than zero. Plus it was nice that an attractive female who was a total stranger wished him Happy Fathers Day! How did she even know he was a father. Running brings great things even if sometimes you do not have a perfect run!


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