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6th Annual Robinson Preserve Twilight/Fit 2 Run 5k

6th Annual Robinson Preserve Twilight/Fit 2 Run 5k

Great Start to a wonderful evening amongst friends!

All of us like to be validated in one way or another. Seriously, if all you do is go to the gym to workout or you run or you do Cross-fit yet you never enter an event. In spite that a lot of us do it to improve or maintain health, and some to merely establish good health patterns we are not likely to know how we stack up to our peers. Granted, some of us may not care about this. None the less a great number of us want to look or feel…10 or 20 years younger. Deep within each of us is a feeling to leave a legacy. We want to be remembered. Just to know you accomplished something is great! Especially when you put in the work to improve yourself and helped some friends along the way. These events create a sense of belonging to something great! A camaraderie that is unsurpassed. Whatever method you use to train and or maintain a great level of fitness enter an event today!


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