Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


When I received God’s message for today. This is what it said: “Though you will fail and sin many times, you are not seen as a failure in the Lord’s eyes. He encourages you to get up, learn from your mistakes (sins) and do better. You cannot avoid sinning as He understands your weaknesses. He will be pleased as long as you continue to try to live a better life, no matter how often you fall

Be encouraged today as God always reminds his people of his forgiveness along with his great sense of humor. Even when we feel we have failed and it is not very funny at the time…God loves us and he picks us up thus taking us to a better place.

As I reflect today I see how much our world is decaying. I see how the love of money corrupts people. Having money is not bad in itself, since it is used to purchase goods and services. What is not great is never being satisfied with how much of it you need. The bible tells us to not make treasures on earth where termites will destroy; but in heaven. So today give joy in unexpected places. A gift, a kind word or a helping hand as this can change the course of someone’s world – perhaps even yours. You may never know how significant a seemingly insignificant action can be.


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