Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely

Who Am I?

Dear Fellow Bloggers

My name is Israel. I was born in New Jersey. In a sense that would make one of General Robert E. Lee’s boys. I am not much of a Civil War buff, yet I very much like the history around the civil war. This was an era when Soldiers were respected and or admired. I served in the U.S. Army for three years active and in the New Jersey National Guard for about 8.5.

Over the years, even before I became certified personal trainer. I participated in Step classes, Aerobic classes, Yoga, Zumba Kettle-bell Spin Classes, Aqua-aerobics and Cross-fit. Being very active I have done most races between the 5k and the half and full Marathon. I have been running, some of it competitive since age 10. Last October I did an obstacle course race called Savage Race.  I also cycle, though I do spinning more often now than actual cycling. I have played and coached basketball and volleyball. I especially enjoyed playing Beach volleyball

I have been a certified personal trainer for about 4 years. I have also been running my Business: Endurance Training Institute for almost 3 years. I am hoping to connect with some like minded people that will perhaps follow my blog and even possibly join me for a workout.

I am a practicing Christian as well as a musician and though I like several music genre. I mostly play worship music, of different styles. I love most Art: paintings, Ironworks, poetry, intelligent conversation and blogging is growing on me.


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