Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


There once was a trainer who shared this story about someone who after driving several miles got all the way out there to the Beach to their 8:30 training appointment. They were allegedly totally committed to improving their health and how they felt. After two previous sessions the person felt relief and was excited about finally experiencing this! In spite of that this person let another control how their day was going to play out.

You know what I am talking about! There are those of us that allow someone in our life to steal our joy. They straight out said: “I am not going to do it today because my friend is simply in one of those moods and did not like your input when you stated: “Let me know when you are ready to begin I will be here”! Several minutes later this coach being the motivator said, “Are you sure you want to skip today’s session “?  “Yes, it won’t be the same now”!, was the reply. This was the very first time this ever happened! The cliche: “There is always the first time for everything”, applies here!. Had that person seen this picture earlier that morning the outcome may have continued to improve how they felt on that day.


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