Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely




Hello everyone I recently joined Team Beach Body. I am excited to have joined with an amazing group of people who like this little guy are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams. As people we are hardly satisfied with our lives often trying things that may or may not work. I have often been skeptical about trying things that do not have a track record.

Shakeology and eating clean on the other hand both have established a track record for helping people shed unwanted pounds. Of course for trainers like myself it is not easy to endorse a product since no one wants to be wrong. However there are too many testimonials that substantiate healthy weight loss. In addition, all celebrity trainers who support Beach Body can not be wrong.

On June fifteen I will be launching a challenge called 21 Day Fix. Anyone can do this one easily. It comes with everything you need including menu, storage containers, and shakeology. As far as the containers go if the food fits in the container you can eat it. I recommend you refer to the menu. This helps simplify things for those of us who struggle with what is the right portion to eat of this or that.

When it comes to weight loss it is not what we do for up to one hour of exercise. The most important thing is what you do afterwards for the next 23 hours. Focus on making better nutritional decisions including increasing macro nutrients such as water. This will help our bodies processes and proper function.


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