Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely


Today, God’s message for you is release fear. Though life provides difficulties to strengthen your spirits you do no face them alone. God is with you, beside you, and surrounding you. He will provide all the help you need, he will hold you up. His source of comfort, security, and infinite love knows no end.

I got the above message today. I feel I needed those words yesterday. In reality I faced enough challenges today that the words actually came at the right time. I drove through a crazy rain storm to get to my appointment. I am so glad I did not relent because the appointment was a success I will have an opportunity to implement two pilot classes and was asked to come up with a third.

To anyone out there that is good with music let me know if you can come up with, mp3, DVDs I need a good mix of hip hop, salsa, inspirational music for two time slots: one of forty five minutes and the other 60 minutes.

God is always on time and never a moment too soon! What a blessing! I am humbled to be given such an opportunity to share!!


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