Feel Energized, Play Hard, Live Strong, Endure for Life…Safely

June 01 2014
Today, God’s message to you is that all things are possible for those who believe.  Faith is sometimes the only thing you have, but what a gift it is.  With faith you can press on in the midst of adversity.  Have faith, and it will light your path.


When I first started this blog. I wanted the world to know how much of a great Personal Trainer I am. And how many things I am able to accomplish. How many races I have completed and how I trained for success in each of them. Yet even for me there is so much more to life than what I do for fun and to make a living. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do. I have such an awesome opportunity to help people reach personal goals, life goals, fitness goals, weight loss and life time achievement goals.

I realize now that life is more about my legacy. What will I be remembered by. Or how will I be remembered. Is it really about what someone did to attempt to hinder my progress. Or is it more about how I handled that breaking curve ball thrown at me with evil intentions. I am standing firmly on my two own feet in spite that there are very malicious people out there with jaded hearts. My prayer today is not to wish harm on the culprits. But that their hearts be changed for their own sake. So that perhaps they will not reap the rewards of their amiss actions. My strength comes from a much greater source which no man in the natural can fathom!


I am very excited to have signed up for this challenging race. The way I look at it if you do all this training to get into better shape why not do something awesome with it. What better way to measure your talent and to see how much you can accomplish, how far you can go or what limit can you push yourself to. To know your limit is to know yourself! With all this being said: Do something great with your talent, help someone achieve more today!…

Israel Ortiz commented on an event on ACTIVE.com.

I am stoked that I am going to race!

Date: Friday, October 24, 2014 Venue: Sacramento Spartan Super – Saturday, October 25th 2014 Location: Rancho Murieta, CA


Today is the first day of the new year. What better day to start a 30 day challenge, no matter what the focus. I have a triple focus for this year. One is for Christ to be more evident in my life. Number two is to start a new exercise/training program that will bring me and my friends better results. And number three is to blog at least five days a week. I did my first Cardiovascular workout of the year today. And I ended 2013 with a short run. I look forward to the new year with anticipation….which breakthroughs will happen first! Great things come to those who work their _sses off!


I really liked this post when I saw

I really liked this post when I saw it on one of my good friends posts and loved the quote. I am simply passing along the beautiful picture and quote from Neil E Maxwell. I believe that some things are met to inspire more than one person.


Answered prayer is always proof to me that

Answered prayer is always proof to me that even though we do not see him he is there. I often wonder how He does it! I am surprised by his grace…There are so many things we can be thankful for. Encourage someone today! We need not to forget where we were yesterday and always look with excitement for what tomorrow will bring.



Today’s run, March 9, 2012 was short; not more than 3 miles. It is always great to run the Ringling bridge and even more fun when it is windy. Next, I walked the bridge again with a great friend debating on nutritional choices. All in all, staying active while motivating others to do the same is a great way to spend a lunch hour. Some people have much more potential then they think they have. I just finished working with someone who could not walk more than fifteen to twenty feet without using a walker and after working with me for about 5 months she is now able to walk for over an hour mostly on her own. I really hope that the improvements that took place thus far help her belief system and motivates her to continually improve. After all, improvement was more than two-fold in such short time.