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Running Chronicles

The little guy is at it again. He went out at least 30 minutes later than the night before! He had not been out there in a while as late as 9:09 pm. The excitement lies in the fact that the night is so serene, peaceful and soothing that it feels wonderful to run! It is almost as good as running at 4:30 in the morning. The difference is that in the wee hours of the morning there is hardly any activity and much quiet. Either way the adventure continues. And as per one of my motto’s whenever you can get your workout in is when you do it!



Today, God’s message for you is: Got big dreams and grandiose plans? Share them with God. He’s interested in you. Seek to develop a plan for how you might achieve those dreams or realize your goals. God places dreams, talents, hobbies, and desires in us for a reason. How might you be able to start the process of realizing a more fulfilling life today?

The greatest thing about Him is that He is a gentleman. He will not push himself on you. He will just sit there with his enormous sense of humor and just wait. Eventually when we can not do it on our own after multiple attempts. Then is when I usually start praying. Giggling He say’s if you just came to me first. I had you the whole time. You forgot to ask for My Help!

Spend time with Him. Just like you cannot out-give Him you can never spend enough time with Him. But when you do things for Him. Do them in secret. Not like the Pharisees who did things to be seen by everyone. James 1:27,”Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

You can always find a great example or a bad example of something. The latter is easier to find! What are you doing today about being an example worthy of Christ and living beyond reproach. How much time do you spend in your prayer closet daily. To whom much is given, much will be required!


Today, God’s message for you is release fear. Though life provides difficulties to strengthen your spirits you do no face them alone. God is with you, beside you, and surrounding you. He will provide all the help you need, he will hold you up. His source of comfort, security, and infinite love knows no end.

I got the above message today. I feel I needed those words yesterday. In reality I faced enough challenges today that the words actually came at the right time. I drove through a crazy rain storm to get to my appointment. I am so glad I did not relent because the appointment was a success I will have an opportunity to implement two pilot classes and was asked to come up with a third.

To anyone out there that is good with music let me know if you can come up with, mp3, DVDs I need a good mix of hip hop, salsa, inspirational music for two time slots: one of forty five minutes and the other 60 minutes.

God is always on time and never a moment too soon! What a blessing! I am humbled to be given such an opportunity to share!!

Biking Chronicles

Well the little guy had not been on an actual long bike ride for a while. Though this weekend my friend Mr W. and I rode for 23 + miles?? It was in the middle of the day so it was 93 degrees +. We both enjoyed the ride in spite of the heat. There were some great sights along the way and even some hills of which there are not that many in Florida.

Along the many sights there were a lot of resorts, some really modern looking homes and some really antique quaint and very appealing older homes. One could see the Sky way bridge in the distance. The water was very pretty although I was not sure if all seven shades of blue were visible as paying attention to the road was important. Taking the time to enjoy nature is something we all need because life will pass you by. Time spent with great friends makes life valuable and worth living.

When outdoors drink lot’s of fluids. And if you are in the heat drinking water need not be chilled, cool is best. The body processes 32 ounces of water in one hour so a good rule of thumb is to drink at least 32 ounces prior to leaving for such a ride. Mr W has a great policy. That is to leave with 2 full bottles of the precious liquid.

Running Chronicles

This post was for June 14, 2014 when it was saved as draft.

The mileage is yet low. Last week I only ran 14.6 Miles. There was a 6.1 mi run that week this week I have only run 9-1/2. Out of that today’s long run was 4.94 mi. Today’s run felt great! Earlier in the week however I felt much better. I was running stronger. Usually when I cross train with spinning running and recovery improves.

June 01 2014
Today, God’s message to you is that all things are possible for those who believe.  Faith is sometimes the only thing you have, but what a gift it is.  With faith you can press on in the midst of adversity.  Have faith, and it will light your path.



Hello everyone I recently joined Team Beach Body. I am excited to have joined with an amazing group of people who like this little guy are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams. As people we are hardly satisfied with our lives often trying things that may or may not work. I have often been skeptical about trying things that do not have a track record.

Shakeology and eating clean on the other hand both have established a track record for helping people shed unwanted pounds. Of course for trainers like myself it is not easy to endorse a product since no one wants to be wrong. However there are too many testimonials that substantiate healthy weight loss. In addition, all celebrity trainers who support Beach Body can not be wrong.

On June fifteen I will be launching a challenge called 21 Day Fix. Anyone can do this one easily. It comes with everything you need including menu, storage containers, and shakeology. As far as the containers go if the food fits in the container you can eat it. I recommend you refer to the menu. This helps simplify things for those of us who struggle with what is the right portion to eat of this or that.

When it comes to weight loss it is not what we do for up to one hour of exercise. The most important thing is what you do afterwards for the next 23 hours. Focus on making better nutritional decisions including increasing macro nutrients such as water. This will help our bodies processes and proper function.